Tuesday, August 01, 2006

1st Iteration of Simcore complete: Distance

Yes, it's still got the crappy name(s).

But, it's complete and working ok for simple scenarios. I of course have to run through more difficult paths and whatnot, but technically it should work fine for those too. Then comes the fun task of actually walking around and predicting stuff correctly.

To do:
  • Advanced walk tests
  • Check whether inf distances will prove a problem at all with the distance core
  • Test importing I/O with latest wifiplot.log file
  • Get architect's drawings of cs ground floor and other buildings
  • Whack it in wifiplot and carry out some observations
  • Use simcore iterations 0 and 1 to predict the strengths at certain points on a walk
  • Test these results by walking the path myself with wifiplot
Another interesting point to consider is the presence of a constant in my code called GAP. Currently set to 0.001, it pretty much provides cover for a margin of error in distance calculations. Ie, if you have a point 1.001 units away from an access point, we should still consider that when looking at points that are 1 unit away from their access points. Which raises an interesting question- how close is close enough?

Clearly, some work to be done.


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