Sunday, July 30, 2006


To update the work on what is currently being called simcore- simply because that's what the folder storing it is called- I've basically got the 0th iteration, Punt, working fine. The reason it's called punt? It just randomly generates the signal strength seen at each location along the path, because it has no data to look back on and make guesses with.

The 1st iteration, currently called distance but looking for a better name, deals with what I touched on in my Project Iteration I post. If you have past observations which detail signal strength at particular locations, you can then say- "Before, when I was x metres away from an access point I got an average RSSI of r. Thus, for any time in the future where I am x metres from an access point, I will have a RSSI of r."

There's currently just a couple of I/O and storage issues, but hopefully that will be up and working in a day or two and I can look at starting on "pass through walls" or somesuch. Alternatively, I could actually start comparing a real walk with Punt and Distance simulations. To do so, I'll need some architect floorplans of UWA buildings, so I can use the latest version of wifiplot with them. In any case, plenty of work ahead.


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