Thursday, July 20, 2006

Project Iteration IV: Path Loss Model

So seeing as I'm currently looking at ways of filling in all this white space, let's have a look at a more traditional, technical, mathematical (eek!) approach called Path Loss Modelling.

Log Distance Path Loss modelling is used extensively in the field, with the following basic equation:

PL(dB) = PL(d0) + 10*n*log(d/d0)

n = path loss exponent
d0 = close-in reference distance
d = distance between transmitter and receiver

Right now, I assume d0 to be the distance between the access point and say, the nearest wall. But this I'll have to confirm. The other problem is the fact that this method uses dB as a metric, where so far I have used RSSI values (Atheros, PLEASE send me the RSSI_Max values for the MacBook Pro's Airport Extreme card!) which may require some sort of conversion, or standardisation, or something.

Other than that, it's a proven and commonly used method, which may just help to fill in the blanks.


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